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A blog of living with grief and the path within.

NYC Therapeutics training

In Vancouver, Canada (and beyond)

In upstate NY

Alternative healing practitioners I adore NYC and Vancouver

Van (for acupuncture and eastern medicine)  (for Thai Yoga Massage) (for massage/ myofacial, thai, Swedish & more


Friends I recommend checking out Mentor and friend a must!  Life training Trainings in mindfulness practices  Spiritual Practices Tantra trainings  Hatha Yoga Trainings  Vinyasa Trainings Therapeutics and other trainings This is a great Prenatal training!!!! The maker of said great prenatal training  Spiritual and Vinyasa Yoga trainings Dr Chris Walling Somatic Psychologist 



I can honestly say this is the best massage I've ever gotten.  Erin is not only very knowledgable about the body and the techniques of Thai Yoga Massage but she is an excellent communicator.  She is sensitive and intuitive to your needs while the massage is happening so that you always feel taken care of.  Best of all, I felt that she was completely present while massaging and because of that I felt that the massage was completely focussed on me.  Which, strangely enough is a rare find with massage.  It is a rare gift to find someone with such a healing and giving nature.  Book your appointment now!!! Marisa Smith, Artistic Producer, Alley Theatre



Erin Moon's compassion and expertise make her a sublime teacher of teachers.  She shares a deep enthusiasm of yoga - particularly therapeutic yoga - that is infectious.  Erin has an approachable style and calming presence, from which she can teach everything from Western medical details to ancient, esoteric meditations.  I always leave her sessions feeling emotionally cared for and intellectually inspired. Hire her!  :) - Dana Slamp, Prema Yoga Therapeutics, Pure Yoga NYC


Here is the thing about Erin... She is not only a team player and among the most selfless people I know, she is also bright and funny and wickedly smart. I love practicing with Erin and also teaching with her. She listens, contributes and shares. You are lucky to have her! - Krissy Sheilds, Yoga Instructor, Actress and Mother extrodinare

Erin Moon is simply amazing. She taught me anatomy during my 200 hour teacher training and I just had the pleasure of taking her anatomy and restorative yoga 300 hour workshop. Her classes are organized, interactive and she brings with her a vast knowledge of yoga, meditation, anatomy, Eastern medicine philosophy, teaching and more. Erin's support and kindness for her students and her zest for life give her workshops a nurturing, caring environment. She takes the time to answer questions and work through any issues her students have. I leave Erin's workshops with so much information and new ways to construct my yoga classes and feel more confident as a yoga teacher. I would recommend Erin's workshops and yoga classes for all yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and practice! Erin is a valuable asset to the yoga community! Nicole D'Angelo Co-Owner of The Yoga Collective NYC, RYT 500.

I had the privilege of training with Erin in my 200 hour yoga teacher training.  She is so knowledgeable and was especially helpful in learning anatomy and teaching me how to make the proper adjustments.  I enjoyed Erin so much that I took her 25 hour restorative workshop this past April and it blew me away!  Because of her passion and appreciation for restorative I not only learned so much in 25 hours, but she inspired me to begin to use restorative poses in my teaching, as well as in my own practice. I hope to work to Erin again in the future.  She is a spectacular teacher, mentor and has a deeply caring mentality and bright outlook on life.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn anything related to yoga. - Courtney Rains, Certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher



Erin makes yoga real. From her talks about the physical body to yoga's effects on the subtle one, when she teaches, you can't help but grow. She was a primary instructor for my 200hr training and I couldn't wait to come back for her restorative immersion shortly after. She is compassionate, incredibly smart and clearly cares about her students. I'm so glad she started me off on the right foot. - Tess Graphic Designer and Yoga teacher


Erin is an incredibly talented, intuitive and calming presence as both a teacher and a human. She helped guide my practice as my body changed in preparation for the birth of my son and was an immense help in re-aligning everything after he arrived. I would highly recommend her to anyone but most especially if you are trying to work through injuries, a changing body or fear. Erin is a gift to this world and if you are fortunate enough to work with her you will understand what I mean. - Amy Sabin Barrow, Yoga practitioner, ex dancer, Mother.




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