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Erin is currently working with Qi Integrated Health offering small Yoga Series


Available for Zoom Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Chair Yoga in Spanish and English

avail on YouTube

Please find below class descriptions the type of classes I offer:


NON Studio Classes offered:

- Private

- Corporate

- In/out-patient hospitalization

- Personal Sadhana (personal practice) crafting


- Reiki

Class Descriptions:


There are so many yogic practices that can be done as an entry to pain relief, better mobility, injury recovery and whole health. Yoga is a complimentary therapy to many other physical and psychological modalities. I can work along side your doctors or as a stand alone therapy. As a yoga therapist I take the approach of not just getting well and lessoning pain and stress but living a thriving and rich existence. Yoga is a tool for healing and thriving.

As one of my teachers Dr. Chris Walling from says


"Yoga does not heal anything. Yoga can support your body in healing itself"



Having seen the need in western culture for permission to just chill out I deeply believe that Restorative Yoga needs to be a part of everyone's practice. Restorative Yoga is an impressive tool in combating stress. Restoring our energy to us, this relaxing form of yoga is accessible to everyone from marathon runners to populations with limited mobility. In my restorative classes I focus on meeting the body where it is and allowing it to soften into the space that already exists. This is no "stretching" yoga! I also offer Reiki & hands on healing touch in many of my Restorative and Yin classes. The poses are held for 10+ minutes. 


In my Yin classes I still enjoy offering lots of props. Here we hold poses for 3-7 minutes and start at the place where sensation starts. By starting at a gentle place we can explore IF we want to go further as the nervous system down regulates. 


Having trained in some acupressure with Jo Amanbir in NYC and with Obediya Jones-Darrell. I  incorporate self and assisted acupressure point work as well as reiki and healing touch. 


Training and teaching at Sonic Yoga, one of the top vinyasa studios in NYC, set me up for a deep love of this form of Yoga Asana practice. I enjoy teaching theme based creative sequencing, drawing energy through the body in mindful, alignment-based, flowing vinyasa classes. I provide options and encourage the use of props in all of my classes in hopes to make it more accessible to lower mobility and newer students. These classes are geared to students who have some experience in a public Yoga Class. 


Thai (Yoga) Massage

This ancient healing practice combines, rocking, pressing, massage and assisted stretching to unlock energetic blocks in the body. It is 1.5 hours long and can be crafted to your needs. As my teacher says it is "Eat a sandwich Yoga class", where all you have to do is lie back and give over to the experience of having your body stretched and massaged. Ahhhhhhhhh!


Reiki is an ancient art of energy healing. I am trained in hands on Reiki although there are elements that are not hands on as well. It can be a subtle or profound experience depending on the person and timing. If you have never had Reiki I highly suggest this beautiful healing art. 










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